24 thoughts on “7 Bank Accounts with Low Initial Deposit and Maintaining Balance in the Philippines”

  1. Thanks a lot! I just started to work 3 months ago and I am looking for a bank where I can save my money easily. I thought I still have to save thousands of pesos just to open a savings account. Grateful that I found your blog. Keep it up!

  2. This one is very helpful, specially for working moms like me, im looking for a bank thats offer low initial deposit, and You already have it here.. Thank you so much for the informations. Looking forward for your next helpful blogs ?

  3. Hi can you help me find a low maintaining balance account i could get for my children. I have 5 kids i want to have save for their future but i am just an ordinary worker .

  4. Hi can u help me to find a bank that requires smallest deposit to open an account offers a bank checking account and linked savings acc debit card or credit card.has atm to get money 24/7 and debit card can be used in any other bank atm ..

    And i am looking too about english man (my fiancee ) having account and joined bank account with me .

  5. Hello, Ms. Ellaine!

    Your blog is very informative. Prior reading to this post, I have thought that I need to save 4 digits of money before I jumpstart saving on a bank. This blog has helped me decide which bank I can entrust my heart-earned money.

  6. Thanks for this. The thing is, we went to EastWest bank yesterday and asked for the lowest starting deposit and maintaining balance for an atm account but they said that there’s none and it is really just the 2k initial and maintaining 🙁 They probably wanted to push for that account instead of letting us have the lowest maintaining account.

  7. Hi, just want to share my experience also.

    I believe certain branches of the above -mentioned banks do not accept basic accounts. I went to bpi-ayala cebu branch and they said they only accept accounts with 3,000php maintaining balance. I checked their other branches and they accept basic accounts.

  8. Thank you for posting this for everybody. I’m very thankful and grateful that i opened savings accounts with very low initial deposit and maintaining balance requirement and these banks are: BPI, LANDBANK and EASTWEST BANK. BPI KAYA SAVINGS ACCOUNT is what i liked in BPI because with just Php350,you can open a savings account with no maintaining balance required. Php200 for the initial deposit and Php150 for the debit card fee and i also liked the basic savings account offered by EASTWEST BANK. With just Php100,you can open a savings account and now,i’ll started saving for my future.This really helps a lot for those who want to build their financial freedom Thanks a lot and GODBLESS!?

  9. This is really useful. Thanks a lot.
    My sister suggested that I should open a savings account with BPI because the interest rate is higher compared to other banks but doesn?t require a high maintaining balance. Also BPI is also a secured bank. Is this information real? My main purpose is to have a savings account but earning from interest rate is also a good thing.

    I can?t decide if I should open a Kaya BPI Kaya Savings Account or BPI Direct Express Teller Savings Account I hope you can help me. Thank you very much. ?

  10. Sadly bpi Binan bonifacio branch is one of those banks with strict staff who do not want to give bpi kaya savings account or no maintaining balance account ?

  11. Kindly check po yung bank of commerce passbook. 5K na po maintaining balance as of december 2017. Salamat.

  12. Im looking for a lowest initial deposit to open an accnt. So i found one and it says that bpi has the lowest initial deposit and its 200,and so what i did i went to the nearest branch and i did inquire for it and so one of them told me that it 350 or something, and so i ask for the requirements, and wen i already completed it, and i went back to the that branch and i was surprised wen one ot the teller told that the one im refferring the innitial deposit which is 350 is for students only, and i ask her thqt i jz went there yesterday and they never told me about that, all i know that i want that, but since my kid is really m the mood already so i have no choice or time to argue, but is there a chance to change on wat as wat before, coz i know theres no big amount maintaining bal. Is it possible po to cchange it since sa thursday pa ang balik ko for the card?

  13. hi, ask ko lang po about the BPI Direct Express Teller Savings account… may withdrawal fee po ba if you withdraw from that account? and is there a dormancy fee if your account has been inactive for quite some time?

  14. Good day! I am a mother of two kids. And I am planning to start saving money for their future. Which is the best bank with lower initial deposit and low maintaining balance? Can anyone help me here… Or if has anyone experienced saving money in one of the best bank with low initial deposit and low maintaining balance? Thanks for those who will answer my question.

  15. Basic Savings account of EWB is no longer being offered po on their website. That means, BPI Kasaya savings and LandBank Debit are my best bets.

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