Best Franchise Opportunities in the Philippines

Franchise opportunities abound in the Philippines but with so many choices, which one do you choose? We all know that putting up your own business is certainly risky and a little tricky. Especially, nowadays where there are thousands of both small and large businesses everywhere.

This is the reason why lots of business owners chose to franchise an established business rather than putting up their own. This definitely lessens the chances of deficit, requires smaller investment, and promotes faster investment return even without putting up so much effort in promoting your business since the brand is already established and stable in the market.

Franchising a business is absolutely a great idea for beginners and even for long time business owners. However, not all businesses are suitable for franchise so you need to make sure that you choose only the best to ensure large profit and fast investment return.

The Best Franchise Opportunities in the Philippines are:

1. Water refilling station

People need water everyday so this is perhaps the most in demand business of all time and the great thing about it is it does not have a particular season. The franchise fee for this kind of business starts from 80,000 ? 1 million depends on the brand. This might seem a very huge amount but this fee includes all the equipment used to produce a clean and safe drinking water that every person needs so you do not have a specific target market because every person is your target market.

2. Printing shops

Printing business is included in the top 10 best businesses in The Philippines that is why franchising one is highly recommended. People want everything to be personalized and you can only achieve that by printing your own t-shirt, personalized mugs, tarpaulins, caps, and even ball pens. If you want to franchise a printing shop, you need to prepare an amount of 75,000 to 300,000. Again, that includes all the equipment that you need to run your franchised business smoothly.

3. Spa

This is a famous business nowadays for people who want to relax, pamper themselves, and even spend quality time with their girlfriends. However, it requires extensive training since you are dealing with other person?s body to ensure safety and utmost expertise. This kind of business involves great amount of money but fast investment return. The necessary capital starts from 1.5 to 3 million, depends on the services that you want to offer.

4. Food

You can choose from food cart up to huge restaurants if you want to invest in a food business. This requires a flexible amount since you can have your own franchise with a small capital of 20,000 ? 75,000 for food carts and 30 to 40 million for gigantic restaurants. The franchise fee depends on the brand that you want to put up and how established that brand already is.

Those are just some of the Best Franchises in The Philippines that you should consider if you plan to put up your own business. Franchise fee might vary for different brands but these franchises are definitely cost effective, well established, and most importantly, promises a great profit in no time.

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