How to Start a PisoNet Business in the Philippines

PisoNet is one of the most famous and in demand businesses nowadays. It is the retail version of a conventional computer shop. Customers do not need to pay for the entire hour because they can control their usage by entering one or five peso for 5 ? 10 minutes.

It is popular for those who are not sure if they are going to spend an hour because they can add another peso before the time runs out if they are not yet done and definitely suitable for kids who are on a budget.

If you plan to establish a PisoNet business but do not know where to start, then here are some of the good to know on how to start PisoNet business in the Philippines:

Background in Computer ? Knowledge about computer and how to fix minor problems are highly advisable but not required if you plan to put up a PisoNet business. It would be even better if you are the technician instead of hiring one just in case there is a problem with one of your computers. It absolutely helps lessen the expenses, which is very important in a business.

Market study ? This is a must before putting up a PisoNet business in a certain location. You need to check if you have a target market or if almost all residents where you plan to put up your business already owns a computer. Doing the market study helps you lessen the risks of deficit and ensure that there is an opportunity of investment return.

Estimated capital ? The capital that this type of business requires are flexible. The price of one computer starts from 7,000 up to 10,000 depends on the specifications. You can start with three computers and just add more units as soon as you start earning.

Place ? The size of the place depends on how many units you plan to put. Just make sure that it has sufficient space for each of the computer and the place is properly ventilated to attract more customers.

Profit ? If one PisoNet offers 5 minutes for 1 peso, which generates around 100 pesos per day and you have 3 units. Your estimated income per day is 300, per month is 9,000, and a yearly income of 108,000 less the electric bill. That is for three units only but what if you have 5 or more units? You income would be limitless.

Those are the essential things that you need to consider on how to start a PisoNet business in the Philippines. The great thing about this business is you do not need to monitor it all the time or hire someone to monitor it for you, which causes higher expenses. Just make sure that all your units are secured and working fine before you operate so your customers won?t have any problems while using it. You can still have a regular job while your PisoNet business runs and generates income while you are away.

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