Small Food Business Ideas with Low Capital in the Philippines

Food is a basic commodity and the demand for it became higher as the population grows that is why this industry is one of the busiest and generates highest income in the market. If you are planning to put up a food business may it be small or large, you need to know that food business is one of the most tough and challenging businesses in the industry.

People say that if you do not have the passion in cooking, this business is certainly not for you since it requires knowledge in commercial cooking, patience, and a lot of perseverance. However, if you want to turn your passion in cooking to a profitable business, then enter a food enterprise and give it a try.

There are several things that you need to consider before opening a food business to ensure a higher chance of success. Some small food business ideas with low capital in the Philippines are:

Food stall – Start small with a food stall or also known in the Philippines as Carinderia. This is the best way to practice your commercial cooking skills and get used to the process of operating a food business. This only requires small capital around 5,000 ? 10,000 and you can serve different types of dishes every day. You do not always need chairs and tables for this type of business because you can prepare to go meals for a start so your customers just pick and go.

Fruit Shake – This is perfect during summer and it usually requires only blender, ice, and fruits. It is easy to operate and you do not need extra cooking skills for this one. The process is easy yet the income is definitely promising.

French fries and burgers – These two are indeed a perfect combination and Filipinos love this snack. So if you do not have sufficient knowledge in commercial cooking yet, try this one out and try your luck with French fries and burgers.

Sell hotdog – This is perhaps the easiest and simplest food business idea that requires super low capital yet produce great amount of profit if placed in a busy location. All you need to do is cook hotdog and sell it as is or you can add hotdog bun or rice for variety.

Ice cream – This is perfect if there are lots of kids and kid at heart on your area. You are sure to generate more income for a faster investment return. All you need is a soft ice cream machine, which is around 40,000 – 50,000 and you are good to go.

BBQ stand – This food business requires a very low capital yet demands time and effort for preparation. You can add rice or bread in your BBQ business to maximize your profit.

Those are just some of the small food business ideas with low capital in the Philippines. If you do not have huge amount of money for capital, starting small is definitely a must so you have more chances of faster investment return and more income generation in just a short period of time.

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